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In keeping with my yearly commitment of donating my time and talent, this year my  mission is for the The Gift Card Project to give back to my community and pay it forward to others by honoring the faces and families of Connecticut's first responders with my talent as a photographer through portraits.   

Who benefits?

It's a triple win for everyone!

  1. I donate my time and talent while receiving the honor of photographing our first responders in uniform or scrubs to give back to my community with portraits and sharing the faces of Connecticut's best.

  2. First responders receive a complimentary career & family portrait- all you have to do is bring the family and donate a gift card in any amount for a family in need.  (Big Y, Stop & Shop, Walmart and Target).

  3. The family in need may have lost their job or simply cannot afford the basics with the rising costs of gas, foods and goods.  They will receive a gift card from you.  Big Y, Stop & Shop, Target and Walmart as every town in CT has one of these stores.

How it works

Reach out to me to book a session or setup a day at your Police or Fire Station.

Gift Card Links

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