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Meet the Photographer

My photography work:  (

I fell in love with photography in 1988 when I became a Flight Attendant for Eastern Airlines taking pictures of everything and everyone I came across through my travels.  I've been photographing for 30 years and enjoy teaching photography.

In 1992 I married Peter (Police Officer and US Marine) and have two amazing boys who are now in their mid to late twenties.   I am also the youngest of 5 children (the bratty one) and my childhood and family ROCKS!   No better woman on earth than my Mom! 

My photography has been viewed around the world and  published in magazines.  I've had numerous TV appearances and several viral portraits viewed by more the 25 million people around the world.  I was also honored to be named Hometown Hero with the Hartford Courant for my years of volunteer work in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) serving hundreds of families capturing memories of their children.



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